Monday, 18 April 2011

Drill It Up This Summer....

(shoes £3 from primark)
To drill or not to drill??? This is a question passing a lot of lips this summer....

This summers must have, wearing leggings put on your espadrilles, wearing jeans put on your espadrilles, pulling on some shorts put on your get the jest.

After purchasing my first pair i quickly realised they were like a drug for my feet.  I just had to go back for more hence my latest THREE pairs.

An easy item to wear that literally go with anything.If your not a fan of the original espadrille, then these are definitely the way to go. From prices as little as £3 you cant actually go wrong.

Will you be drilling it up this summer... ?


  1. I defo will be luv lol, youve already seen the small collection.x

  2. I know I will! Been looking to get some for a while, think I will just go ahead and DO IT!

  3. They look so comfy! I might try a pair soon :) those ones you've posted are super cute.

    Lovely blog - following now :)


  4. Great blog! Can't wait to see future posts :) New follower <3



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